WOOF WEAR ICE THERAPY BOOTS (complete with packs)

WOOF WEAR ICE THERAPY BOOTS (complete with packs)

SKU: WB0057

The Ice Therapy Boot is a versatile boot that enables both hot and cold therapy to aid recovery after periods of stress and as a complementary treatment for leg injuries.


Made from 7mm closed cell neoprene featuring three touch & close fastenings for improved fit, the elasticated mesh pockets safely contain hot & cold therapy packs (available separately) as well as ice.

These boots are a useful addition to the kit bag at home and away.


· 7mm closed cell neoprene.

· Wide, high density Touch & Close straps.

· Elasticated mesh pockets allow safe containment of ice and therapy packs.

· Large landing pad allows maximum strap adjustment ensuring a secure fit.

· Packs are equine specific and remain flexible, even when frozen. They can be heated up or cooled down, dependent on the type of injury being treated and are fully reusable. 

Sold in pairs with 4 x Hot & Cold Therapy packs included (2 per boot).

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